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Restorative Dentistry
Beautiful Brunette Winter Clothes Smile Brown EyesFillings are used to restore tooth damage by tooth decay (cavities). The dentist contours the filling material as closely as possible to mimic the anatomy of the tooth before it was damaged by the cavity. Fillings in our office are primarily composite (tooth colored fillings), as we do not place silver fillings (amalgam fillings). Composite fillings, in addition to being more esthetically pleasing, bond directly to the tooth surface unlike traditional fillings.

Dental Crowns, Inlays and Onlays
Tooth with tilted golden crownCrowns, inlays and onlays are used to restore severely damaged teeth due to fracture or decay. After the tooth is cleaned and prepared, the restoration is later placed to cover the remainder of the tooth. These restorations help to strengthen the tooth and improve the look, shape and alignment. Crowns are used to:
•  Restore a fractured tooth
•  Restore a tooth severely damaged by decay
•  Protect a tooth from fracture
•  Cover a discolored or unattractive tooth
•  Cover a dental implant
•  Anchor a bridge

Dental Implant
Dental implant diagram being attached togetherImplants may be the best option for replacing a single tooth or multiple missing teeth. An implant is a metal post that is integrated directly to the jawbone. After the bone and surrounding tissue has healed a crown is attached to the implant. Implants provide superior benefits compared to bridge work as they do not depend on neighboring teeth for structural support. Implants are the closest dental structure in durability to natural teeth and have greater cosmetic appeal. Implants are used to:
•  Replace missing teeth
•  Prevent teeth from shifting
•  Correct bite issues due to missing teeth
•  Improve appearance (cosmetic reasons)
•  Anchored dentures for added comfort and denture retention

Dental Bridge
woman glassesBridges are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth in both a cosmetic and functional fashion. A bridge consists of two or more crowns anchored in place by natural teeth by implants that are on each side of the area of the missing tooth or teeth, thus bridging the area. Using a bridge to fill the space from missing teeth helps restore proper bite and prevent teeth from drifting to fill the space (which may lead to additional bite and jaw joint issues). All tooth colored crowns and bridges are customized to match your natural tooth and color or the existing shade/color. Material choice will depend on structural requirements, wear, and esthetics. Bridges are used to:
•  Replace missing teeth
•  Prevent teeth from shifting
•  Correct bite issues due to missing teeth
•  Help prevent jaw joint problems from altered bite
•  Improve appearance (cosmetic reasons)

Root Canal Therapy
Endodontist patientendo5A root canal becomes needed when tooth decay is so badly neglected it reaches the tooth nerve. Once the nerve is infected it cannot heal on its own. Sometimes tooth trauma such as a fracture can lead to the need for a root canal as well. In addition to being painful, untreated infections can reach the root tip and compromise the entire immune system. Symptoms of nerve infections may be:
•  Sensitivity to hot/cold
•  Sensitivity to sweets
•  Pain, especially when biting
•  Swelling
•  Bad taste in the mouth

A root canal therapy includes cleaning out the infected nerve, disinfecting the canals and filling the void with a rubber like substance to prevent further infection. Often a crown is recommended, after root canal therapy, to restore the tooth shape, look, and to strengthen the tooth structure.
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